OCG Black History Special :: “A History of Black Political Movements in America” :: Four-Week Lecture Series ::: Dr. James L. Taylor, Ph. D. :: February 4- 25, 2021:: 8 pm EST :: Thursdays

“A History of Black Political Movements in America”

An OUR COMMON GROUND Black History Month Special

A Four-Week Lecture Series  ::: Thursdays, February 4 – 25, 2021  :: 8-10 pm EST

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About the Lecture Series

The Post-ReConstruction, Civil Rights,  Black Power, and “unnamed” Black struggle movements grew out of each other and have steadily gained momentum through 2020. Some were not a formal movement, however, these movements marked a turning point in the meaning of Black struggle in the United States and also in how Black people saw themselves, generation to generation. All of the many Black movements are hailed as significant struggles of Blacks to achieve full equality. They were complex events that took place at a time when society and culture were being transformed throughout the United States, and their legacy reflects that complexity. But what of the interplay and relationship of all Black legacy political movements that occurred since Emancipation? They were all building blocks, learning opportunities, and a continuum of victories for our people. What we do know is that the descendants of American chattel slavery have waged the most successful and effective protests in American, indeed, world history. Our greatest achievements include teaching America the real meaning of justice, freedom, and resistance.

We need to know and understand the networks that compose the many Black struggles and movement that brought us to our current political struggles. It is how we measure our worth and etch out our future

This course of study will review the history of the many Black struggle movements and events that brought us to the election of Barack Obama resistance that brings us to the white supremacy insurrection and riots on January 6, 2021.  What we see happening in America, the growth of white supremacy and confederacy politics become clear through the understanding of our journey toward freedom. This lecture series will provide knowledge of where we have been, Black achievement in how Black people have transformed America.

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Time: February 4, 2021 from 8pm to 10pm

Location: LIVE STUDIO: http://bit.ly/OCGTruthTalk

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