"Black Masculinism: The Black Male Studies Agenda"

About this Episode of OUR COMMON GROUND

Black Male Studies is a new field of study that is a product of Africana Studies, itself a derivative of Black Studies. Not to be found in the United States at a department level at any university, this online institute seeks to bridge the gap between the academy and the public, while advancing our understanding of Black males beyond stereotype and conjecture.


The Institute for Black Male Studies is the only of its type in the USA.


What exactly is “Black Masculinism” and how does it figure in rearing, living with, protecting, and loving Black men and boys?


ABOUT Dr. T. Hasan Johnson

Father. Professor. Black Masculinist Scholar. Black Gnostic. ADOS. Artist. Afro-Futurist.


Dr. T. Hasan Johnson is an Associate Professor of Africana Studies at California State University, Fresno. He earned his doctorate at Claremont Graduate University, his M.A. at Temple University.



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