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OUR COMMONGROUND with Janice Graham is an URBAN PROGRESSIVE talk radio program, covering global and community issues, events, thought, ideas and perspectives in and about the African-American community.

is the "university in the air" for people who want to construct strong functional community. The program brings the best scholastic and creative diverse minds, significant personalities and “doers” onto the American talk landscape. The show features daily guests who bring new ideas, creative and innovative solutions and opportunities.

OUR COMMON GROUND, listeners, callers and guests, explore the events, problems, struggles and victories which has critical impact for all of us and around the nation and world. The show brings together the diversity of opinion, resources and talent who give voice to disenfranchised and marginalized people and communities, and who speak truth to power.

The OCG talk programming honors and fosters the recognition and value of our differences and the differences that it makes.

Janice Graham provides unique and critical informed observation, provokes new ways of thinking and blazes paths so that her audience move beyond talk radio as today’s entertainment, into a powerful source of information and exchange which becomes the foundation to EMPOWER self, others and communities. Her experience which spans more than 30 years of private industry executive management; political and management consulting and community activism, nationally and locally, resounds in her keen and insightful interviews with guests and interchange with callers. Her show has been the recipient of numerous worthy community honors and media reviews. Her instinct, keen analysis and "eye on the prize", served in a saucy spice of wit and critical thought and leadership is well respected by diverse audiences.
OUR COMMON GROUND journeys far beyond the rhetoric of problems, fueling energy of SOLUTIONS.

OUR COMMON GROUND with Janice Graham IS smart and insightful people radio . . . refining and finishing the genius within.

We invite YOU to join our broadcast on USTalknetwork.com

I’m Janice Graham, and I’ll be listening for you.
Each Saturday 10 PM EST
Show launch: February 7, 2009



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OUR COMMON GROUND with Janice Graham  is an Internet Talk Radio Network broadcasting on BlogTalk Radio. 

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About Janice Graham

Janice Graham is the Executive Producer and Host of OUR COMMON GROUND with Janice Graham, is the former CEO and President of the Peak Performance Group, Inc., a Boston based management performance consulting practice which primarily specializes in non-profit, political and social service policy implementation and strategic planning and measurement. She is a former management executive with companies such as Wang Laboratories, Raytheon Company and the Polaroid Corporation. This articulate, bright and radiating personality knows the art of drawing-in, activating and energizing both guests and audience. She has, " A lyrical voice that blends with a razor-sharp analysis and friendly forthrightness", wrote the Sun Sentinel in 1991 (Ft. Lauderdale, FL.).

Lee Ivory, the late founder and Editor of the Palm Beach Gazette describes her in this way, " Janice Graham and her OUR COMMON GROUND talk show provide hope, courage and education to people who otherwise might give up on growing and struggling for a better understanding of the world beyond their lives. Her smooth, patient, yet, challenging style sets this show apart. Her listeners believe her when she greets them with, I Respect You.' OUR COMMON GROUND was the respect yourself headquarters of Palm Beach County and that is why she is the considered the General of the Strategic Air Force. A militia of ideas made up of the thousands of people who listen to her everyday".

Murray Green, Vice President and General Manger of WFLX-TV ( the FOX affiliate in West Palm Beach, FL) says that she is , "A talented producer and an outstanding interviewer . . . a pleasure to work with . . .touches subject matter and topics of serious concern with a friendliness that audiences love. We were fortunate to be the home of the OCG-The TV Show".

Her political views and cultural commentary have appeared in Radio /TV , Talkers, Emerge, Harper's and Emerge magazines. Her radio journalism," The OUR COMMON GROUND® COMMENTARY " was carried as a weekly column in the Palm Beach Gazette and the Broward Gazette. Her show was lauded by the Palm Beach Post, Miami Herald, the Miami Times and the Amsterdam News ( New York) newspaper.

Graham brings invigoration to serious dialogue and leads an audience naturally into the world of talk radio. The listening audience is captivated by her charming, multi-faceted presence. She creates and retains her OUR COMMON GROUND family; and they always come back day after day.

Born in Palm Beach County, FL, she was chosen to integrate the local white high school in her Southern community and has been creating "firsts" ever since, in the corporate world and in radio. She was the first African-American woman daily talk show host in the nation to go on the air .

1992 National Jefferson Award winner, Palm Beach County Judge Edward Rogers, says, " Janice Graham's velvet voice, sharp in-depth knowledge of so many subjects is spellbinding. She transfixed me into one of her groupies. If I am sitting on the bench, I'm sure to have someone in my office tape the show everyday. Walking through the Courthouse, most radios are tuned to OCG, white and Black. She mesmerizes and captures people, topics, guests and callers. There's not a person in the County who doesn't know about that show".

On the day prior to the release of Nelson Mandela, Winnie Mandela was talking with Janice Graham and her audience. She was the only local radio talk host in the nation who interviewed Nelson Mandela on his first American tour. She has the ability to bring the most prominent and compelling personalities in the world to OUR COMMON GROUND.

Janice Graham organized and chaired the Coalition For the Right To Vote which placed a county-wide referendum before the voters of Palm Beach County and brought a single-member district voting system by a vote of 59% of the ballots cast. As a result, the first African-American County Commissioner was elected. She founded and lead the Coalition To Fight for Justice, a county-wide coalition of civic, business and civil rights organizations to wage the fight on behalf of Black-owned business in Palm Beach County to force the County Commission to adopt policies regarding minority business enterprise and set-asides to relieve the historical discrimination that was documented by a County-wide study. As a member of the Board of the Palm Beach County Education Foundation and an advocate for public participation in education, she called for, and became the principal organizer for the implementation of a County-wide consensus workshop, including parents, public school representatives, business representative and students to address issues of public school busing.

She has served as a member of the Board of Directors of Big Brothers/ Big Sisters of Palm Beach County; the Chamber of Commerce of the Palm Beaches and the Suncoast Chamber of Commerce and The Education Foundation of Palm Beach County. She served as the Vice-President of the WPB Branch of the NAACP; the Suncoast Chamber and S.H.A.R.P. ( an anti-racism organizing group which she founded). Janice is the national chair of Campaign For A New Tomorrow, a national political organization which lobbied to place Ron Daniels, 1992 Presidential candidate, on the ballot in 26 states and snagged the nomination of the Freedom Party of California. She is a member of the National Commission for the Commemoration of Malcolm X which sponsored the nationwide memorial on the 25th Assassination Anniversary. A member of the founding Board of Young Father's, Inc. She was inducted into the tradition of prominent American thinkers which began in the 19th Century, the New England Circle in 1992. In this austere group, she joins three of the many prominent guests of the show, Dick Gregory, Oliver Tambo and Dr. Alvin Pouissant. A most notable member of this intellectual dialogue group is Booker T. Washington.

In 1991, she was an organizer and convenor of the National Conference of Independent Black Politics held in Washington, D. C. In 1990, she founded and served as Co-Chair of the National Council of Black Talk Radio.

WJNO-AM(West Palm Beach. FL), the #2 talk station in Florida, invited her to do a one-week special of "OUR COMMON GROUND " as that city was the site of the trial which charged two known KKK members, as they faced charges for abducting and "lynching by fire" a young Black man who was visiting in Tampa in 1992. It was the first time that a show directed specifically to the African-American community would air on a major market station.

She was the National Chair of the committee which is sponsoring the National State of the Race Conference to held in Washington, D.C. in May, 1994 and a pioneer founder of the National Council of Talk Radio Hosts in 1990.

Her radio broadcast experience includes, “ Positively Boston” (WNUR-AM 1600 Boston) and host substitute at (WTKK, Boston-FM 96.9). She has served as a consultant to The Jimmy Myers Show, WILD AM- 1180 and frequently co-hosts at WTTK-FM-96.9 (Boston).

Janice Graham is exciting, galvanizing and pure audio energy voice. She has combined the best of her elite ivy league education, corporate and political experience and genuine love for people and brought them to the air waves. She is in fact, a Chief of Staff of the "air force" battleground.

She resides in Boston, MA.

You can be sure that I'll Be Listening for YOU



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