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Frederick Bell is scheduled to be executed on December 29th. Call Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour and voice your opposition. You can help save his life!









Call Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour and demand that Frederick Bell’s sentence be commuted for the following reasons:


--Bell received ineffective assistance of counsel at his trial. His trial lawyer has since been disbarred for ineffectiveness. He failed to call any witnesses
besides Bell at the guilt phase of the trial.


--At the time of the crime (which took place in Mississippi), there is video evidence that Mr. Bell was in Tennessee. Video footage of Mr. Bell in a mall
has since been destroyed by mall security.  Had Bell’s original lawyer investigated his alibi at the
time of trial, the tape could have been presented.


--An affidavit was signed by a mall security employee stating that he saw Frederick Bell at the mall on the date of the murder. This information was never
presented at trial.


--At the extradition hearing in Tennessee, Bernard Gladney testified that he drove three individuals (Anthony Doss, Frank Coffey, and Robert James) from the scene
of the crime to Memphis. He testified that Frederick Bell was not in
Mississippi at the time of the crime. Bell’s court-appointed attorney failed to
call Mr. Gladney to testify at trial. 


--Fingerprints found on the gun and cash register did not belong to Mr. Bell.


--The trial state prosecutor, Doug Evans, intentionally removed all possible Black jury members. The Mississippi Supreme Court has found Evans, who was the same
prosecutor in the Curtis Flowers case, guilty of racial bias.


--The victim was white and Frederick Bell is African American. A white victim and with a Black accused is one of the most racially charged capital punishment
situations. Statistics have shown that murders of white people receive the
death sentence four times more than those who killed Hispanics and three times
more likely than those who kill Blacks.


--Bell was never provided with a mental competency hearing before he was tried. Recent tests show that Mr. Bell has an IQ barely over 70. The United States Supreme
Court has ruled that no defendant can be executed with an IQ of 70 or below.


--The conviction was based on a confession by Bell’s co-defendant. Confessions of this nature are notoriously coerced and unreliable.


--Evidence that could exonerate Frederick Bell has been lost by the crime lab. Mr. Bell requested DNA testing on a soda can and potato chip bag left behind by the
killer, which can now not be found.


--All three of Bell’s co-defendants have recanted their testimonies and now say that Bell played no role in the 1991 murder of Robert “Burt” Bell. They have all
since received reduced sentences.


--Frederick Bell never signed a confession and always maintained that he was in Memphis at the time of the crime.


The Campaign to End the Death Penalty, along with Frederick Bell’s
family and attorneys urge you to put pressure on the Mississippi Governor to
commute Frederick’s sentence. As we all eagerly await the New Year, please
remember Frederick Bell and act to save his life so that he can also celebrate
another year.

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