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Black Nubian Heritage Melanin Source of Life and Creation

Black Nubian's

It seems to me quite prooving to be revelant.

As for Nubian. Nubian water. Melanin. Skin cells. Brain parts. Foods. Animals. Plants.

Source of Life.

Dudes that skin is so black it looks purple.

As above and so below.

Obviosly inside the Earth to me would have many melanin beings and plants and animals and a different type of existance in the many animals, plants, peoples, water, etc.

Of that of what we know on this plane of the 3 planes of existance.

As my mediumship tells me.

I am Paul Anthony Colley. Just a Medium.

Given life experience and intuition completely prooves this to me.

Animism.Connection to the source of Life and All Natural Inhabitants. Within mind body and soul and spirit. earth air fire water. Life.


what I view above also depicts this as well. As cosmos.

Seems I have viewed the source of life above.

I have been speaking to existance for some time.


No if'sands or but's.

99.9% does make complete sense.

And there are many many dudes and dudettes like this.

Very very dark skin.

Completely tuned to Life itself.

As All wisdom within existance.

There are up there, down, there, and surrounding me at all times. And can do pretty much anything within existance itself.

And I view that The Melanin Females are the Pioners or Mothers of Creation.

2 previous golden ages with knowledge of animism.

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