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January 21, 2011    10 pm EST

"Not only was Juan Williams put in his place"

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The rich on both sides of the Mason-Dixon line have long exploited racism to keep themselves rich and divide the poor, the higher percentage of blacks in the south has always meant that "keeping them in their place" works better at driving white people's fear. Since the Repubs don't have anything to offer the poor-- indeed, they're more of a target than a constituency-- fear mongering is an irresistible means of winning an election. Newt Gingrich, meet Ross Barnett.

During the clown club meet, errr, debate, Newt Gingrich took out his buggy whip and put Commentator, Juan Williams in "his place" . Sycophant that he is, Williams sat there and took it, and would later proclaim this race-baiting, white supremacist Gingrich the winner. 

Why have these candidates felt free to accelerate racist banter and an all out attack on poor and Black people ?  What does it mean in the creation and development outside the GOP?  Does it empower the campaign to marginalize, minimize social program policies supported generally by more moderate political proposals, and give cover to other candidates at the local and state levels ?

Tonight . . .

  •  The Great American Paradox Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street movements raise large issues of economic freedom and economic inequality- at totally opposite sides of the spectrum.
  •  President  Obama kicks off his campaign at the Apollo channeling his inner AL Green.
  •   What IS and IS NOT the Black agenda?


 We need to talk.

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