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Our Common Ground •● ☥●• The Case of Marissa Alexander ● ☥●• April 28, 2012 ● 10 pm ET

Marissa Alexander faces 20 years in prison for Standing Her Ground. Her husband beat her while she was pregnant. After yet another beating, Alexander fired a warning shot into the ceiling. That shot saved her life.

Prosecutor Angela Corey did not take into account that Marissa Alexander: Had a court injunction against her crazed husband, had given birth 9 Days earlier, was trained to use a weapon and earned a concealed weapons permit.  George Zimmerman murdered Trayvon Martin and will most likely dodge a 2nd degree murder charge because of the same law. Cannot a Black woman get the same justice under the FL law ? It would seem to a reasonable person that Alexander’s  circumstance best fit the purpose of such a law. But justice does not seem to court a young Black woman in FL.

The law states that she was justified in standing her ground and meeting force with force up to including deadly force, but political views and concerns states otherwise in the 4th circuit court.

So the question is what was she supposed to do that day to meet the  standard of stand your ground law ? And just who is it for? If Marissa Alexander injured no one, killed no one and is not protected under the law, given the history of abuse at the hands of her husband, why does it apply to an out of control racist vigilante ?  And, if she faces assault, why doesn’t George Zimmerman face 1st degree murder ?

Lincoln Alexander and Helena Jenkins, the ex-husband and sister, key organizers and advocates of Marissa Alexander  and her case will discuss the case with Janice Graham on Our Common Ground this Saturday, April 28th.  Come with your outrage !  

We hope you will tune in.  Our Common Ground   10 pm ET  LIVE and Call- IN

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