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 Dr. Jahi Issa, until March 2012, worked as an Assistant Professor of History & Africana Studies at Delaware State University (DSU) in Dover. When a group of students assembled in protest of DSU President Dr. Harry Williams after the state auditor criticized the university’s business practices and for the decreasing percentage of black students at the historically black university, police arrested Issa and escorted him away until he dropped to the ground and requested an ambulance. After being seen at the hospital and later released, DSU police charged him with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, offensive touching of a law enforcement officer, and inciting a riot.

Issa was born and reared in St. Louis, Mo. and was awarded his PhD in history from Howard University. His forthcoming monograph examines the Universal Negro Improvement Association in Louisiana and its contribution to African nationalism. He is currently banned from the DSU campus and is facing a prosecution that could put him behind bars for
more than two years.

The incident has fueled concerns that Professor Issa's arrest and the pending charges represent an act of repression and retaliation for his outspokenness and the EEOC and other complaints he
has filed while he was on the faculty at DSU, and not because of any actual crimes he committed. The situation is depressing and he is in need of support in this difficult time.

Dr. Issa's Legal Defend Fund. Consider donating and circulating the site address.  http://www.hbcuinstitute.org/

YouTube on-scene video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yvdjCo38LC8


"How Black Colleges are Turning White" in the Black Agenda Report

His response to the White House Advisor on HBCUs in the Chronicle ofHigher Education    http://www.chronicle.com/article/No-Need-to-Overhaul-Americas/129565/

HBCU Institute



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